L'unique Jewelry

In-Store Consultation

During your in-store consultation you will meet with an experienced Master Jeweler.  Together, we will collaborate with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece while in a relaxed and fun environment.

In this meeting the we will go over examples from our website, your own personal sketches, or any other sources of information that you want us to see. Its our goals to provide you with the right information on diamonds, the design process and answer and questions you may have. 

Since we manufacture our own jewelry, we have the ability to create incredible pieces for any budget.  We work along side you to make the most of your investment. 


After your initial consultation, we will produce a sketch of discussed design.  This sketch is refined until you approve your design. This design can be modified if you don’t see exactly what you want. We aren’t satisfied until you are!

Computer Aided Design and Rendering (CAD)

After the sketch is finalized, we create a realistic diagram of your design your that is perfectly to scale so that you can be confident in.

Wax Carving or 3D Prototype

After the CAD image is approved we then “grow” the solid wax model on a rapid-prototyping machine.  This allows you to see your design in a to-scale tangible model.  Upon inspection, any design or size changes can be made prior to finished the production. All this is done in-house with the industry’s most cutting edge technology.

Final Assembly

Once we cast the model into your choice of metal, our Master Jewelers hand set each stone and finish your design to perfection!  There is no reason to compromise!  Collaborate with our artists to create your dream ring!