L'unique Jewelry

L’unique is ready to become your personal jeweler. We are qualified to fill all your custom or specific jewelry needs. Master craftsman and founder Roupen Toranian brought 33 years of fine jewelry experience to the Dallas area over 24 years ago. Toranian hand crafts traditional and contemporary jewelry by combining over 200 years of old Armenian styles of gem setting and precious metal crafting expertise. Using only the finest quality gems and precious metals from several international sources, he produces magnificent, one of a kind custom jewelry.

It is his personal commitment that each gift expresses its own special meaning to both the giver and the receiver.  You are assured that the value of your investment in L’unique jewelry will only increase with time.


Building on this philosophy, L’unique has the experience to ensure that each client receives the jewelry they envision. We take time to understand your special request and make sure it becomes one of a kind without sacrificing trendiness. Whether it was for that special someone, a simple occasion, or a gift to yourself, you will be able to see your wish come true.

At L’unique, now based in Dallas, Texas, we are committed to producing the finest quality jewelry at the highest value to meet the specific and unique demands of our customers.  Now, you too have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the craftsmanship and artistry of a master craftsman. This expertisehas brought continuing success to the L’unique brand.  Let us help you design your piece, make a wax model, get your approval, provide the diamonds or other precious stones, have them set by our qualified setters, and polished and delivered to you within days.  We deliver all of this at a fraction of what you would expect to pay at the high-end designers and retail jewelry stores.   You can also purchase custom pieces from our own line of finished L’unique products.

As a wholesaler, L’unique serves the needs of many nationwide retailers andhigh-end individual customers. L’unique operates also as a Dallas premier custom jewelry retailer, servicing a distinguished upscale clientele including members of the Dallas elite and professional sports personalities. L’unique delivers that special jewelry you just can’t find at any other custom jeweler.

We are ready to be your personal jeweler! Call or contact us today.